Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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TWD: Midnight Crackles

Chocolate Caramel Cookies
Happy third birthday Tuesdays with Dorie! I can't believe the group was started three years ago and I've been baking along with them almost as long. To celebrate this milestone, the selection was made by Laurie of Slush and Jules of Someone’s In the Kitchen. The ladies chose Dorie's Midnight Crackles and while I was really curious about this recipe I'll admit that I wasn't too interested in putting cinnamon and cloves into my cookies. I also wasn't too crazy about putting the dough in the fridge and having to wait but that's just me being impatient. Because it was a special selection I planned on following the recipe to the letter. Unfortunately, that plan went out the door when I added baking powder instead of soda. I got a little flustered and threw caution to the wind. By that I mean I added vanilla extract, whiskey, caramel sauce, and more chocolate to the cookies. Then I dropped the dough onto the cookie sheets and baked. This was the BEST thing I could have ever done because the cookies were beyond incredible. Oh lordy were they good. They were chocolaty with a hint of gooey otherness; the caramel was so subtle but every now and then you would get a pocket of goodness. The cookies were very fudgy and, oh yeah, did I mention they were extremely delicious?
Chocolate Caramel Cookies
Happy Third Birthday TWD! Go to TWD and wish the group a happy birthday!


Jules Someone said...

Oh, that was a happy accident! They look delicious. Thanks for baking along!

Caroline said...

I think I'd sandwich these with a little caramel-whiskey buttercream filling and make a darn-good whoopie pie! Sounds divine!

Flourchild said...

Yum you make them sound sooo good...you can't go wrong with the fudgy texture!! I loved this recipe and am so happy we made it for our 3year bday!!