Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Outpouring of Love

I say this all the time, but I am truly amazed with all the love our little family gets. My mother-in-law took last week off and was basically with Cati from morning to night. That was a huge help and really allowed me to focus on Elina. It was also nice to have Cati's first week as a big sister spent with someone who loves to spoil her rotten with attention. Everyday I get more and more impressed with Cati. She is so sweet with Elina and loves to be around her. She loves to pet and kiss Elina and loves to help me out. As I've struggled with breastfeeding, Cati has been there to pat Elina's crying head smothered into my boob and say in Spanish "come Elina" (eat Elina). The days with both girls are long, but they are so beautifully worth it, especially when I get moments like this:
We got a beautiful floral arrangement from Alex's job so that kind of makes me less bitter when it comes to the hours spent at work. Aside from diapers, flowers are always a welcome gift for a new mother.
Our friends have been extremely amazing. We've gotten fresh and frozen meals, groceries, and diapers. People have come over to play with Cati and to give me time to get in a quick nap.  Friends are constantly checking in through text message and hearing me out whenever I have a question about the newborn days (it's amazing how quickly you forget what it's like to parent a newborn). Yesterday we even got a cookie basket made by Shelley from our friends John and Shannon.
I really am a lucky girl. There is so much love to go around. Seeing my daughters together fills me with so much happiness. Support from friends and family helps make the so-so and bad days better. There are constant reminders that even if I feel alone, I am never ever truly alone. Stephanie


Lindsey said...

That cookie basket is amazing! So glad to hear that the ortho dept sent you those flower; they are beautiful. If Elina gets stressed out, just take a break. Very deep respect for you right now, Stephanie! Hugs!

Desi said...

I'm glad that you've got so much support! And you should... yall are great people! I knew Cati would be a wonderful big sis... love that first photo :)