Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Fun & Fit: January

Halfway through February. What?! I feel as if this year is going by too fast. I spent most of January focused on fundraising that after the deadline passed, I completely checked out of life. Thankfully I was able to meet my fundraising goal thanks to the Cupcake Camp Miami event and support from my fellow Run GKTW teammates, but I was exhausted from all the effort of raising $3,000. Raising that money has been one of the hardest, most humbling, and amazing things I could have ever done. I will do it again, I just won't do it in a way that ties my participation in a race to raising a certain amount. All in all, I have raised $3,117 for Give Kids The World and will be running with them next weekend!

The only event I participated in January was the Superhero Scramble. This was my first obstacle course race last year and I was really excited about going back because my experience was so positive. This time around, however, my experience wasn't as positive. I did the run with two of my friends, but the race wasn't well organized. I felt like there was too much running and not enough obstacles, I was shocked that the volunteers on the course did not have means to communicate with each other when accidents or injuries arose, couldn't believe they didn't offer more water stations along the 9.5 mile course, and was disappointed there weren't any medals when we finished. I actually felt bad that this was my friends' first experience with obstacle course racing. Thankfully, they were good sports about it and we were able to find things to laugh about. It wasn't the best race, but it was the best company.

Aside from that, I have officially declared myself a yoga fanatic. I love it! I feel it has helped me become a stronger runner and has also shown me that my body is so much more capable than the limits my mind sets on my body.

Moving forward, I think I am going to change things up here on the blog. I am still trying to find the right structure that will help me in posting more often, but I think I am going to start posting race recaps right after they happen instead of at the end of the month. I love my blog and all the races I do and I want to be better at sharing with all of you. I've already participated in two races this month, so expect two more posts this week!

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