Monday, November 9, 2009

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Leftovers and Brownies

I never thought I'd put the words leftovers and brownies together in one sentence but I did. After Halloween I had a ton of leftover candy. I needed to do something with it because I couldn't just have a big bowl of candy sitting around staring at me. So I thought and thought about what I could do with the candy and then it came to me: brownies! Brownies are the perfect dessert for mix ins. They just scream, "add stuff to me!" And so I did. The next question was which candies to mix in. I had Snickers, Twix, and Cookies n Creme to chose from. I went with the last one and what a great choice. The brownies came out delicious and they were so incredibly sinful. These brownies knocked everyone's socks off. The white chocolate in the Cookies n Creme is a nice balance to the richness and depth of the chocolate in the brownie and gave these brownies an interesting taste. Alex thought I added liquor to them, but it was really the combination of the differing sweetness of the white and semi-sweet chocolates.
For the brownies I used this recipe. It is the perfect recipe if you like a nice crunchy top and a gooey, chewy center.


Megan said...

While I'm not a big fan of white chocolate, the idea of throwing candy into brownies sure sounds great!

Anonymous said...

how did you put the cookies n creme in the brownie? please comment back