Sunday, November 22, 2009

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Feeling Lost

I really didn't think I would miss Boston. I thought I would be so happy to be back in Miami that I wouldn't even think about Boston. But, I think about Boston all the time. I don't miss living there and I definitely don't miss the weather mood swings. I find comfort in know that the weather will either be hot or hotter here in Miami. What I do miss about Boston is the dining. I miss not being able to go to our go-to places. If we wanted pizza we always went to Crazy Dough's. If we wanted Chinese we always went to East Ocean City or China Sky. For burgers it was The Met Burger Bar or Abe & Louie's. For Mexican it was Cactus Club. You couldn't get a better breakfast than the one at Mike's Diner. The list goes on. We had our favorite spots for every type of food and there was always comfort in knowing that if we went to those places we would get exactly what we wanted. We haven't been able to find our go-tos here in Miami. I know it takes time to search and find that gem but it sucks when you search and are constantly finding places that aren't really worth your time or tastebuds. So I feel lost. Every time I want something and Alex asks me from where my response is always "well, if we were in Boston I'd know where."

What brought on this sense of feeling lost was going to Sir Pizza. We have driven past this pizza place many times and finally decided to go in and give them a try. Their prices are incredible and hope immediately built up that this would be our go to pizza place. We ordered a cheese pizza and were disappointed. There was nothing special about this pizza. It was a bland pizza. The crust was bland, the sauce was bland, and the cheese was bland. The sauce tasted like tomato paste straight out of a can. Nothing in the pizza made me want to go back. Was it because we ordered a cheese pizza? Would the pizza have been better if it had some kind of topping on it? I mean a cheese pizza is pretty basic and I feel like it's hard to mess up, so is it us or the pizza? Who knows. It seems like the place is pretty popular. It was full of people and is even open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.
I guess the search will just have to continue.

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