Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Today we hear from Bree of Baked Bree. If you've never heard of Bree then you are missing out, especially if you have not seen the deliciousness cooked up over at Baked Bree. Not only is Bree a fantastic photographer (of people and food!), but she is also the beautiful mother of three equally beautiful children. Bree describes her blog best by describing it as a love letter to everyone she's ever cooked for. And it's so easy to fall in love with everything she makes because the pictures are stunning and she makes everything seem doable. One of the things I love the most about Bree's blog is how active her kids are in the kitchen with her (there's a whole Cooking with Kids section); it makes me so excited about spending time with Cati in the kitchen when she's older. Here are a few other reasons why I love Baked Bree:

*Alex will want to renew his wedding vows when I make him these cupcakes.
*This shrimp dish makes me drool.
*How cool are these rainbow cupcakes?
*This rice pudding brulee is the most original recipe I have seen in a while.
*I want to be addicted.
*These pancakes are one of the reasons why breakfast is my favorite meal.
*You can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies.


Here are Bree's answers:

1. One ugly truth about motherhood. Motherhood can show you some ugly qualities about yourself. As much as motherhood, has brought out some of the best in me (I am good in an emergency and can whip up a school project like it is no one’s business) it has also shown me some of my less attractive qualities. Like the fact that I can be horribly impatient. And I really do not like sitting on the floor and playing with Matchbox cars.

2. What does motherhood mean to you? This is hard one... motherhood means to me being the best woman that I can possibly be so show my sons and daughter what it means to be a good mother. I am not the best mom on the planet, believe me, but I am good mom because of the example that my own mother set and showed me. Motherhood has softened me. Motherhood had given me a deeper sense of compassion. Motherhood has taught me to forgive myself and others. Motherhood has made me a better me because I know that someone is always watching.

3. How has motherhood empowered you? Motherhood has empowered me to really follow my dreams and pursue my passions. I want my children to live a full and happy life and they do that by seeing it. Motherhood has given me strength to do what it is that I want to do and to use the creativity that I was given. Motherhood has been the best (and hardest) thing that I have ever done for me in my life.


Thank you Bree for inviting us into your kitchen and for sharing bits and pieces of William, Ava, and Clay's lives with us. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful memories that can be created once you step inside the kitchen.


Project Empowering Motherhood is an ongoing series in celebration and honor of Cati's 6 months. For my responses to the questions and more about the series, go HERE. To read Jenn, Melisa, Esther, Andrea, Jenny, Jen, Mollie, Jamie, Charlotte, Erika, Shari, Julie, Lenore, Caroline, Alex, Prudy, Delia, Kelly and Becki's answers, go HERE. If you are interested in participating and being featured on the blog send your answers to the three questions to steppystar@aol.com.  

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