Sunday, July 20, 2008

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China Sky is Delicious.

Last night Alex and I went to out favorite Chinese restaurant, China Sky. We had been looking forward to going there all week. We would have gone last week but with the Red Sox in town it makes it kind of hard to get in and out of the city and China Sky is located outside of Boston in the town of Wellesley. The first time we went to China Sky we were so impressed with their decor (very inviting, almost cafeteria-like) and their food (great prices, great portions). We really do look forward to going there every chance we get.

As soon as you sit down the waiters bring you warm tea and fried wontons with duck sauce. These wontons are so crispy and light that it's hard to resist not wanting to eat them all. Alex says that the main reason China Sky is his favorite restaurant is because of the fried wontons.

I ordered a Coconut Dram to drink with my dinner. This is a non-alcoholic drink that's like a tropical fruit punch with strong flavors of coconut and pineapple. The drink literally transported me back to the tropics. It was so good and refreshing and had a pretty pink hue to it.

We shared an appetizer of pan fried Pork Dumplings (they also offer them with vegetables). The dumplings were delicious! They were crispy on one side and soft on the other and with a perfectly portioned amount of pork in the middle. The dumplings came with a sweet soy sauce-like dipping sauce.

Because we like to try different things on their expansive menu we ordered three items for our entree. The first was their Chicken Amazing. This chicken has the perfect name because the dish is pretty amazing. It is chicken that is fried and then doused in a sweet and spicy red sauce. To make the dish even more beautiful they add vegetables such as red peppers and peas.

The second item was the Crispy Sesame Chicken. This dish is just as good, if not better, than the Chicken Amazing. The chicken is fried in a light batter and then tossed in a sauce that has subtle hints of orange flavors. The best part about this dish was that the chicken was indeed crispy. We have gone to several restaurants that claim to serve crispy items but once served, the item is more soggy that crispy. The textures and flavors of this dish were a pleasant surprise and a perfect dish for a summer night.

The last item we ordered was the Chicken Fried Rice (can you tell we like chicken?). This dish had a substantial amount of chicken and was perfectly seasoned with soy sauce. What I liked best about this dish was how tender all the vegetables were and how well everything blended together.

This visit was the first time we were offered some kind of dessert (ice cream). Each time we have gone before we have been told that they do not offer dessert. I'm assuming there has been quite a large amount of people requesting dessert.
Since we didn't anticipate a real dessert (they bring out orange slices and fortune cookies with your check) we ate until we couldn't eat anymore and left no room for anything other than fortune cookies. Maybe next time we will be a little more prepared to try whatever assortment of ice creams they may offer. But for now I think our palettes are pretty satisfied with the meal they savored last night, even if it wasn't topped off with something really sweet.

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