Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Today, I Crave: Pizza

I love pizza; it's food for the soul. When I was younger I loved pepperoni pizza but now I love cheese pizza and I will choose a slice of cheese pizza over pepperoni. We've eaten at quite a few pizza places throughout the city and, while most people in Boston will probably say that Upper Crust or Pizzeria Regina have the best pizza around, I'd have to respectfully disagree. I've eaten at these two places and was not impressed. They were good pizzas, but they weren't great. Granted, it's hard to make a bad pizza, but not all pizzas will make you want to come back for more. Our go-to pizza place is Crazy Dough's. They have a location by the house and we order a pizza from there at least once a month. My biggest problem with pizza is that I feel greasy after eating it. Not with Crazy Dough's though. Their pizza isn't greasy at all. What I like the most about this pizza is how balanced it is; it has an equal amount of crust, a sweet tomato sauce, and cheese.

The other pizza I love is Costco's pizza. Sure, it isn't a pizza that you can only get in Boston, but it's a great pizza nonetheless. It's the opposite of Crazy Dough's because it has a thick crust and it is layered with loads of cheese.


Elyse said...

I love pizza, too. My boyfriend and I have three go-to pizza places: our typical NY pizza joint, a classic pizza joint, and a stereotypical CA pizza joint. All of them are delicious, and we rotate them around. But, I must admit that I adore Costco's pizza, too!! It is so good. That cheese is just amazing.

Stephanie said...

Yes! I love the cheese on the Costco pizza!