Monday, May 19, 2008

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When I Crave Tacos...

...I head to Cactus Club. They seriously have the best tacos I have ever had. I literally crave these tacos for weeks. I remember the first time I had was like I was suddenly back in Miami at my favorite little tacos place. It was obsession, I mean, love at first bite. Cactus Club is also known for their margaritas, and let me just say that Cactus Club is worth going to just for the drinks. Their drinks are reasonably priced and they definitely don't skimp on the liquor. To give you an idea for how frequently we go, the bouncer man knows us and lets us right in (woo hoo for not needing to whip out the ID!!).

We went to Cactus Club on Friday so that the graduate could indulge in her insatiable desire for tacos. We, of course, ordered the Horni Margaritas (my favorite). This drink has the right blend of liquor and juices and it's perfect for the margarita lover (I knew a few, too).

In all my weirdness, I get really excited for the chips and salsa. I say weird because I don't like tomatoes but I like the juice in the salsa. The chips and salsa are good and a great prelude to the meal to come.

We ordered the pork taquitos, which were great. When they brought them out I was telling Alex how they reminded me of flautas. I honestly don't know how to describe what a flauta is; it's like char grilled meat wrapped in a crispy tortilla (I think the difference in name, is a regional thing?). As soon as I bit into this, I think my salivary glands went nuts. It was so good. The rest of the night Alex was patting himself on the back because he made a great selection for the appetizer.

Alex ordered the chimichanga. He loves eating a chimichanga because it's a full meal wrapped in a tortilla. It has meat, rice, beans, and sauce all stuffed into the tortilla. Alex's favorite sauce at Cactus Club is the chipotle adobo sauce.

And now...the moment you have all been waiting tacos!! They are delicious and that's all there is to it!

In all the times that we have gone to Cactus Club we have never ordered dessert. We always end up eating and drinking too much that dessert is the last thing on our minds. My goal is to one day try one of their desserts, but for now I will keep dreaming about their tacos.

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Anonymous said...

Their Horni margarita is delish! Just what I like in my margarita.
I'll have to try the tacos.