Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Chinatown Adventure

We have only eaten in Chinatown on one occasion and that's when we went to Montien. Chinatown overwhelms me because there are so many restaurants in a very small area and I honestly believe that Chinatown is one of those places were you have to rely on word of mouth. Alex recently discovered East Ocean City and was so impressed that he told me we had to go there. We did and then I liked it so much that we went back a week later. The restaurant is one I would have never found and who knows if I would have even gone into it considering it was flanked by restaurants on all sides.

The first time we went we had dinner. We ordered three dishes and ate family style. The fried rice was delicious. It was so light and I actually felt healthy eating it.
We also had a szechuan chicken that was mildly spicy. I would say that about half of the "meat" in the dish was tofu, which made for an interesting game because we were trying to decipher what was chicken and what was tofu. Surprisingly enough, this dish was spicier the next day.
The last dish we ordered was a sweet and sour chicken. O.M.G this was the most delicious sweet and sour chicken I have ever had. The chicken was crispy and drenched in a sauce that tasted like pineapple tang. So good!

The second time we had lunch. You cannot beat this deal. For $6 you get soup, fried rice, and a meat/seafood selection.

I tried the egg drop soup. I don't think I have ever had egg drop soup so I didn't know what to expect. The soup was interesting. It didn't look like how it would taste. I thought the broth would be thin but it was actually thick. The soup in general was heartier than I was expecting. It reminded me of a wonton soup but thicker and without the dumplings.
Alex tried the hot and sour soup. He liked the soup a lot and said it reminded him of the one served at PF Changs. The soup was spicy with a hint of vinegar.
My lunch came with pork fried rice, szechuan beef and chicken, and peking dumplings. This fried rice, unlike the one ordered for dinner, was greasier and heavier, but it was just as good. The chicken was just as good as the first time but with the added bonus of having beef. The dumplings were a delicious surprise because I didn't expect myself to like them so much. They were compactly filled with meat and gastronomically pleasing.
Alex's lunch also came with fried rice but instead he got scallion cakes and General Gau's chicken. One of the main reasons he ordered this combination was because of the cakes. They are crispy and almost like naan. The chicken was sweet and similar to the sweet and sour chicken we ordered for dinner.
East Ocean City is located in Boston's Chinatown on Beach Street. It's definitely worth checking out and hopefully you won't be overwhelmed by going into Chinatown since you this recommendation.

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Jaime said...

yum! you need to go find a place to have dim sum in chinatown!