Monday, July 6, 2009

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Some Comic Relief

The last week has been very stressful in the home department. I have learned that I need to listen to Alex more when he says things like, "don't mix family and business." Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned and people have been hurt. That's another thing I've learned, when you own a house nothing goes as planned. The smallest repairs end up being the biggest repairs and things you thought didn't need attention end up needing attention. It's all a roller coaster of emotions because you go from being severely disappointed to extremely happy. I was on the disappointed end of the emotion spectrum when I went to the house on Friday, but I left the house on the happy end. Friday was the first day I actually felt like I did something in the house. I figured Perla's presence in the house would lift our spirits so I took her to the house so she could get a feel for it. She definitely got a feel for the house and even marked her territory. No, I don't mean she peed in the house, I mean she walked on wet paint and left her paw prints all over the second bedroom.

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Anonymous said...

haha, gotta love 'em! At least it got you to laugh!