Monday, June 24, 2013

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Six Years.

Yesterday was our dating anniversary and today is our wedding anniversary. Our dating anniversary is particularly special because it marks ten years of being together. All I have been able to think about over the past few days is that while our story isn't a fairytale, it is a love story nonetheless. I've also thought about how perfect our first dance song has been for us (John Legend's "Stay With You"). The past year has been full of ups and downs, heartaches and pains, and friends who have come and gone, but through it all, we have stuck together.

In six years of marriage, we've lived in Boston and Miami and we've had two kids. In ten years together we've gone from singlehood, couplehood, marriagehood, and parenthood. Here's to many more years together and a happy, quiet, and uneventful year seven!

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