Monday, January 7, 2008

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First Post!

So I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to create my very own blog. The best part is that it's a blog about one of my passions.....FOOD!

The idea for this blog came on one of those days I was complaining about my job (property management = not fun). I was thinking of all the other things I would love to do and food critic was one of those things that came up. After googling "How to be a food critic?" I found this page and thought that although I might not ever do this professionally (see #9...yikes!) it would be something fun to do on a blog. It would be a fun way to keep track of all my dining adventures and misadventures.

In a way I have been a food critic in-training for the past year and a half. Each weekend my husband and I go to a new restaurant in and around the city and after each meal we have a discussion about our dining experience. This whole time I have been keeping a spreadsheet with the names of all the restaurants we have been to. The list currently has over 90 entries! I can look over all the names and recall my experiences at the restaurants perfectly and vividly. I've created mental categories of things like best burger, biggest splurge, best drink, etc. I even have set restaurant choices for whatever visitors we may have. So instead of having a city tour of landmarks (which is huge in Boston), I've created restaurant tours based on different personality types (how cool would this be for all cities to have?).

As a disclaimer, I am in no way an expert on food or culinary techniques. I'm just a regular city girl in search of a great meal who gets excited going to restaurants both old and new.

Hopefully this blog will help spread my knowledge about the Boston dining scene. Thanks for looking and here's to good eating!!


Jen said...

Can't wait to read your reviews and try some of your recommendations!

Adri said...

Very cool, Steph!
Can't wait to see what yummy things you write about.

Nikki57 said...

Very exciting. Hopefully this will make choosing where to go to dinner easier for my DH and I.

albertandclaudia said...

This makes me wish I lived in Boston!

Monica said...

yummm-can't wait to read all the reviews Steph. This is such an awesome idea

Meli said...

I am totally psyched for this blog.
I heart food.