Saturday, January 19, 2008

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Last Minute Reservation

Now this is very late. We had trouble deciding were we wanted to eat this weekend. Neither of us was craving anything in particular and all we knew was that it had to be an early dinner because Alex has to wake up before the sun on Sunday. So off I went to OpenTable and began my search. I decided that this week we should head downtown and try Kingston Station. There menu looks so interesting and there are so many things I would love to try.

There's always one item on the menu that's a selling point for me and this week I must admit that it's something on their drink menu. They have a Vesper martini and my first thought when seeing this was Bond! If you remember in the most recent Bond movie, 'Casino Royale,' Vesper is the woman Bond falls for (note: 'Casino Royale' is the first Bond book and Vesper is the first woman Bond falls for). Now I also must admit that this isn't the first time I am influenced by something Bond-related. I tried an Americano drink once because that's Bond's choice of drink in many of the Ian Fleming books. The drink was disgusting but I drank it nonetheless.

So enough of Bond and here's hoping that the drink and dinner tonight are good!

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