Monday, September 1, 2008

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Obsession of the Week

I cannot get over how cute my dog is. I swear that she gets cuter each day and that she is the most lovable dog on this planet. I've had her for more than half of my life and I love her to pieces. She's given me plenty of scares over the years from needing an emergency hysterectomy to having cancer, but she's also been the source of plenty of happy and fun times. She's only been in Alex's life for 5.5 years and he's hooked too. I love to see them play together and my ovaries literally start pounding inside my body when I see Alex tuck Perla in or when he carries her around like a baby. It's just incredible to see my 190 lb husband melt over my 9 lb poodle. I mean, how can you resist this little one?

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Jen said...

Perla is so freaking gorgeous, Steph :) I love her!