Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Melting Pot

A few weeks ago Alex and I went to Melting Pot. I know some people aren't fans of this restaurant because you have to cook your own food, but I must say that dining at Melting Pot is worth it just for the cheese and dessert fondue. I am such a huge fan of their cheddar-beer fondue. If it weren't for the possibility of severly burning myself, I would stick my face in the pot and eat all the cheese. The dessert fondue is pretty good too. They bring out a plate full of a variety of desserts (marshmallow, fruits, cakes) meant to be dipped in the chocolate of your choice. This last time we went was very special and memorable because our waiter's finger caught on fire as he attempted to add the lit amaretto to our white chocolate fondue. We had no idea how to react to this; our waiter thought it was cool and we laughed in shocked disbelief. I've always said you go to Melting Pot for the experience and this time was no exception.

Cheese Fondue

Signature Selection of Meats

Court Bullion Cooking Style


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Karen said...

i love the dessert fondue - i couldn't care less about the rest of the dinner while i'm there! the chocolate peanut butter one... mmmm! :P