Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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TWD: Rugelach

Grace of Piggy's Cooking Journal picked Dorie's Rugelach for this week. I bet you are wondering what a rugelach is. Well, it's pretty simple...it's a croissant cookie filled with chocolate and jam. This cookie was fun to make and even funner to eat. I had trouble getting them in a croissant shape so I ended up rolling up half the dough into a log and then slicing it. I absolutely loved the dough, but I am a huge fan of anything made with cream cheese.

Make sure to go to Grace's blog for the recipe and to the TWD site to see how the other bakers fared this week.

How cute is that chocolate chip?



Engineer Baker said...

Funner? Hehe, I guess that's probably true :) And I agree - cream cheese makes everything better / awesome.

kim said...

good idea to roll and slice the log... the crescents were a total pain! yours look great.

Jodie said...

They look great. I too would eat anything with cream cheese! :)

Barbara said...

Yours are very cute! Nice pictures. I like the log style too. And yes, cream cheese = great!