Friday, December 4, 2009

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Fogo De Chao Desserts

One of the downsides of being married to a medical resident is the lack of time spent together. The weeks are filled with on-call duties and the nights are filled with calls from other residents. I knew things would be like this, but it still sucks on those days when you only have a solid hour of together time before said resident is calling it a night. At least there are some perks. One of them are the medical rep dinners. I don't get to go to these but I always get a dessert out of them. Alex has dined at some of the finest steakhouses in Miami. On those nights I patiently wait for him to come home with a little baggy full of sugar heaven. For his last dinner he went to Fogo de Chao and brought home not one, but two exquisite desserts. One was a molten cake and the other was a layered chocolate mousse cake.

The layered cake was phenomenal. The cake was all chocolate but it didn't have an overwhelming chocolate taste. It was light and fluffy. It was a cake that all could eat. This is not the type of cake that I would say should be limited to chocoholics only. You could easily eat a whole slice by yourself.
The molten cake, on the other hand, is a cake for chocoholics only. It was rich, decadent, and filling. The deep chocolate flavor of the cake was softened by the sweeter flavor of the ganache. I was utterly amazed at how this cake was brought home. It looked so pretty when I first saw it that I felt bad sticking it in the microwave for 40 seconds. But, boy was it worth it.


Karly said...

Oh, yum! That second cake looks divine!

I used to work for a doctor's office and I looooved all the drug rep dinners and lunches!

Annie said...

I had the chocolate layer cake there not long ago when we took a residency candidate to lunch. I agree, it was FABULOUS! Mmm, now I want more!

Nina said...

These desserts look amazingly delicious! Yummo. Not the thing to look at right before lunch ;)

Cheri said...

I should not be looking at these while I am hungry! My goodness do they ever look delicious! Tell your man to share some with the rest of us.. we don't ever get to see him either. ;)