Saturday, December 5, 2009

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A Little Baby Talk

I think my mother-in-law has confused my daughter-to-be with a princess. There's really no other way to explain this:
That is Catarina's moses basket. In reality, that was my brother-in-law and Alex's moses basket; it just got a face lift. I had seen the fabric before but had no clue what my mother-in-law planned to do with the basket. My instructions were to keep the basket simple. This is more than simple, it is elegant. It will be the most elegant piece of furniture in our bedroom. It is beautiful and, in my opinion, something straight out of Sleeping Beauty. My initial reaction was "that thing is made for a princess, my daughter isn't a princess." The response from my mother-in-law and Abuela? "She will be the princess of our family." Sigh. The girl isn't here yet and she's already being called a princess, imagine how princess-like she will actually be once she does get here.


One of the best parts of my pregnant experience is getting all the hand-me-downs. I'm not talking about things that belonged to other children, I'm talking about the things that belonged to Alex and me when we were children. Catarina is already the owner of BAGS full of our baby clothes and she has a book library to rival the one we have. She has over 75 books now and that number will surely double once we get Alex's childhood books and whatever books I get at my shower. She's going to come into the world with enough clothes and literature to get her through elementary school.


It's starting to really hit me that Catarina will actually be here in a few weeks. It's possible that she can be here as early as 7 weeks from now. That number scares the heck out of me. Where did time go and how the heck am I only 10 weeks from my due date? I don't think you are ever prepared for how quickly 9 months of pregnancy go by. Somewhere between all the excitement, anticipation, freaking out, and amazement you lose track of time.

Changes happen very quickly in pregnancy. Your body goes through an amazing and at times painful transformation. I notice the changes on a daily basis but it's interesting to see the changes as others see them. Looking at this series of pictures I can understand (kind of) why certain people think (or thought) I looked huge at some point. To me, the biggest change has been between weeks 24 and 28. The belly has gotten a lot rounder and to think I felt like I looked pregnant at 16 weeks.


That's all the baby talk for now. Now I want to know what was the most memorable thing about your pregnancy?


Anne said...

The moses baby basket is quite nice. I Like it! :)

- Anne
Handmade Baby Clothing

Ma Vie said...


Katrina said...

I'm a little behind.
Love the baby tummy photos, you'll love them forever, too.
Love the name you've chosen for her, too! ;)
I really hope the 10 week, ooh, only 9 now, go by as fast as you say they are going now. Some of those last few weeks for me were always like eternity! ;)
Enjoy it all.

Anonymous said...

the moses basket is perfect! I love it...i haven't seen one more beautiful.
I also like the foto's with your growing belly. Nice to see how fast the baby is growing.
Enjoy it mam!

Mãe Marta said...

The end off all is the best you can have. Not comparable whit nothing else. The moses basket is wonderfull. Wish you the Best luck. (I'm portuguese, don't know how did i come were, but i'll come back, love your receppies as well)