Friday, August 5, 2011

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Random Friday Night Thoughts

My posting has been so bad. I apologize for that. There are a million excuses and none of them are good enough because the simple reality is that blogging has moved to the bottom spot in the list of things I need to do to keep life moving forward. As it is, I am able to write now because I have a boost of energy that comes compliments of Alex being on vacation and us switching off on caring for Cati earlier today. Did you know that napping feels extra good when you don't have a toddler waking you up?

Anyway, here are my random Friday thoughts to make us all feel like I don't only ever talk about Cati:

The Hunger Games! I've never been as fanatical about books as I am about The Hunger Games series. I think everyone should read them starting yesterday. I can't wait for the movie to come out next year and I am sucking up all the pictures from the set like it's the only thing I know how to do. I wore my mockingjay shirt this week and someone knew exactly what it meant and it made my day.

Movies. I've taken a little break from reading books because my brain hurts too much at the end of the day. Instead, I've been watching the most hilariously entertaining movies. I saw "Easy A" and "Friends with Benefits" this week and both movies are fantastic. I have a big girl crush on Emma Stone now and I get nonstop giggles when I think of Woody Harrelson's character in "Friends with Benefits" (extra perk: he's also Haymitch in The Hunger Games!).

Choco Taco. Have you ever had this ice cream treat? If I could do a cartwheel I think I would have done one at the store today when a box of those suckers was buy one get one free.

The Nonexistence of a Kitchen. The kitchen has become the place where you get food but not the place where I make it. The only person in this house who is guaranteed a cooked meal made by me is Cati. Lucky girl. I'm in a cooking and baking funk and I just don't feel inspired. How sucky.

Leaks. Did you know that leaks have a mind of their own? I swear the leak gods have a special place in their hearts for our house because we are always battling some kind of leak. Last week it was the roof and this week it's the bathroom. I wish I had magical powers so that I could make it stop leaking. That or a plumber that comes when he says he's coming.

Yes, Teacher. Home-girl here is going back to school! I am finally registered and I am so looking forward to going back to school and feeling that sensation of being accomplished at something other than mommyhood (although to be honest, I'm kind of failing at that with the hitting that doesn't stop). I feel like the biggest dork feeling excited about carrying around my big, bulky backpack again.

It's Not You Miami, It's Me. Remember how excited I was about moving back to Miami? About being close to family and friends? Well, the honeymoon period is over. Alex has been in a I-Hate-Miami funk for the longest time and it finally hit me. What we were both in love with was the idea of what Miami used to be for us. The reality of what Miami has been for us is so different. I used to consider myself a proud Miami girl but I realized that the four years in Boston really changed me. That or what my new friend Jeannette said is true: you only get the best of the best out of people when you live far away because the time you do get with one another is so limited that you don't want to waste it with the bad. We've only been back two years but it feels like so much longer because it's been a very jam packed and emotionally charged two years.

Speaking of Boston...I cannot wait to go back in September for my friend's wedding! It's going to be so weird going back as a visitor. It's also going to be weird going without Cati. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and staying out late! Oh and not having to share my meals with another person!

True Blood. Do any of you watch? What do you think of this season? I've read all the books so my opinion of this season is based on the books, but it just seems like things are moving so slow and it's so disjointed. Also, Sookie and Eric hooking up is kind of disappointing; I just don't feel the passion. And while it's neither here nor there, I am disappointed that Alcide isn't getting rid of his clothes more often.

I think that's all that's going on in my head tonight that is not baby-related. Writing this post felt good because it reminded me that my brain is capable of doing more than being fine tuned to Cati's station. I hope you all have a great weekend!


I Sing In The Kitchen said...

That was a great post. It felt like catching up with a girlfriend over a cup of tea.

I need to check out The Hunger Games and True Blood books.

A huge Congrats to you on going back to school. That's terrific.

Sarah said...

I am exactly like you following the Hunger Games movie making. Alex and I are always looking for new "set shots" and stuff. We are so excited!

Desi said...

Ok I'm officially like 4 months behind on your life!!! This is sad!!! I've totally missed Cati growing up. I'll have to read these Hunger Games series. Thanks for the suggestions! We have a leaky roof too! I should probably look into getting that fixed... :)