Monday, August 29, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

The big thing last week was Cati's babysitting experience. I think that pretty much summed up what last week meant and why it was such a big week in the growth and development of our family. The beginning of the  week was spent building up to Wednesday and the end of the week was spent reeling from Thursday. Those two nights away from the mommy routine made me really appreciate my time with Cati and she has gotten showered with even more love lately.

Here are the other fun developments from last week:

Dog lover. I don't think I could ever fully express Cati's love for dogs. She adores them. Her latest obsession is the little dog my mother-in-law bought her as a gift from the babysitter (our attempt at getting Cati to like the babysitter). This dog is literally by her side as long as we are by the house.IMG_9630

Slowest teether. I really do think my child is the slowest teether on the planet. She has four molars and one front-bottom tooth coming in and you can see them but they refuse to break through. I wish I could go into her mouth and massage them out but Cati won't let me.

Mimic Machine.
It's so interesting what words Cati will pick up. As a general statement she loves to mimic anything Alex says. As a result, she now says bye bye, woah, woo hoo, and yay.

Excuse Me. Manners are something that I am having fun teaching Cati. Who knew? Cati can't say excuse me but she covers her mouth as if to say "excuse me" after she burps. Seeing her do that makes it seem like the burp just escaped.

There is already one huge mommyhood development this week but I'll wait to share it tomorrow. I promise you it's a huge development!


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Oh, I love love love that doggie! Can't wait for the news! - mary

Desi said...

So cute! I love her with her lil toy doggie! Great picture :)