Monday, December 19, 2011

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My Girls

It's official! WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL!!! It took this baby long enough to show the goods but she finally did and it was a shot that left zero doubt as to the sex. I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are. My gut had been telling me that we were having a girl so my track record for guessing the sex is perfect (I thought Cati was a girl too). Either sex would have been a blessing, but we both really wanted another girl. Neither of us feels like we are missing out by not having a boy and neither of us feels the need to try for a boy. We have both decided this is it for us and, no, it has nothing to do with finances (sorry grandparents!). It has more to do with lifestyle and the fact that Alex will never have a "normal" job and will never be able to be around as much as he or I want. Anyway, how cute is Baby D?
 baby @ 29w-3
I think she looks so different from Cati but she looks 100% like a baby. I can't believe there is another person growing inside me and she looks like that! She's all squished but it looks like she's going to have full lips as well and maybe even my chin (I'm hoping this kid looks like me!). I can't wait to meet her and see the differences between her and Cati.

As for my lovely, oldest child...she has been acting so weird the past few weeks. I've mentioned how she's not a fan of school anymore and last Friday she actually cried when I dropped her off. My heart seriously broke and I felt like such a bad mother. In addition to that, she's been having trouble sleeping at night. For the past few days, as long as I put her to sleep, she sleeps through the night just fine. If someone else puts her to sleep, she wakes up multiple times crying and won't go back to sleep until someone goes into the room and rocks her in the chair for a little bit. Is this separation anxiety? Can she sense the pregnancy? Is this a stage? something that happens the closer a child gets to two? Either way, I'm baffled by this sudden change and actually a little scared of how much more will change once Baby D is here. I guess the only positive here is that I'm not sleeping through the night either so it's not like Cati waking up is a real disturbance. I just feel bad for her :(

Speaking of school, how adorable and hilarious is her first school picture? I giggle every time I look at it. The girl has so much hair and I love it!
I'm going to have two daughters. That's a lot of estrogen and I pray for Alex's survival. I also pray for future boyfriends because Alex and his friends are already plotting how to scare boys away.


Lindsey said...

AAAHH Congratulations! How precious! Baby D is beautiful, and so is Cati. That dress is beautiful.

A/K said...

Congrats on your two girls!! Sisters! You are such a lucky momma!!

Emily said...

yay!! congrats on a baby girl for you too! :)

Desi said...

Steph!!! Yay congrats on another girl! I'm glad you got what you wanted. Just keep trying to make Cati feel special and that she is also part of this new baby girl that's coming... remind her she will be a big sis and make it exciting for her! I'm so excited for you!!!! And yes Cati looks absolutely adorable in her first school pic :)

Sarah said...

yay!! Congratulations on another girl :-) so exciting!! I bet you are exicted to see a lot of your favorite outfits of Cati's get worn again!

I don't know if you remember or not but Liam was a horrible sleeper from about 12 months until we switched him to a toddler bed (two weeks before Lucy was born). I never in a million years would have thought that would make it better for him but it did. He went from getting up at 5am for MONTHS to sleeping like a rock (on his pillow and under his covers all night) until 7:30.

I hope she starts sleeping better for you soon, I can remember how scared I was when Liam wasn't sleeping good and Lucy was due to arrive within weeks. Hoping you get it all figured out before baby girl arrives :-) I'll be thinking about you!!!

PS those fudge recipes look amazing!