Monday, December 12, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

I am done with school! Woo hoo! It feels so good to be done. This semester was so much fun and I learned a lot but I am definitely glad for the break. I'm so proud of myself for being able to tackle school and even more proud to know that mommyhood hasn't completely killed off all my intellectual brain cells. Now I get a full month of enjoying Cati once again instead of feeling like I am dumping her on school so I can get school work done or study for a test and I get a full month of being able to relax enough to enjoy the pregnancy.

Here are Cati's developments over the last two weeks:

Language Plus. It's so hard for me to keep track of everything Cati says. She is definitely in that repeat-everything stage but what really impresses me is how much she actually retains. I love that she knows what animals are and that she says "beep beep" or "excuse me" when something's in her way. I love how she tells me when something is stuck and I especially love to hear her make up songs. Most favorite though has to be the fact that I can have full blown conversations with her. This is definitely the best stage.

Holiday Spirit. This goes along with her language and emphasizes how quickly she learns things. Cati has Santa, nutcracker, snowman, candy cane, and jingle bells as part of her vocabulary.
School No. I don't consider this a setback but it kind of breaks my heart a little when Cati says "School no" in the mornings. Before I would ask her about school and she would immediately run to the door, but now she actually says no to school and refuses to get up from her chair in the mornings. Once at school she's fine and she doesn't cry, but it's getting her to school that's turned into a bit of a struggle.

Bye Bye Bottle. Cati was still getting a bottle of milk before bedtime. That was the only bottle she was getting the entire day and I had been wanting to stop, but with school and me being away two nights a week I felt like there was too much inconsistency to make a change that big. My last class was Thursday and Friday was the first night of a new bedtime routine of us reading a book while she drank milk from a sippy cup, then brushing of teeth, and me rocking her for a few minutes before putting her in bed. The transition has been pretty smooth although she does ask for "leche" once I start rocking her. She does toss and turn and even cries a little but she puts herself to sleep and manages to sleep through the night. I'm still trying to tweak the bedtime routine to minimize tears but Cati already knows she's drinking out of a sippy cup and she'll walk to the bookshelf to pick out a few books for us to read.

Here are Baby D's development's over the last two weeks:

Comfort Zone. Over the last two weeks I have really grown into the pregnancy. My back isn't hurting as much and I'm not feeling as uncomfortable as before. This seems completely ironic to me seeing as I am currently in the third trimester and nearing the end of the pregnancy. I feel like my body has approached this pregnancy backwards and I'm kind of hoping that's the case because it would be nice to finish things off comfortably.

Looking Like a Boy. We still don't know the sex and I am hoping the baby is kind and gives us a great shot at the next ultrasound. What's been interesting though is the amount of people who think it's a boy. Apparently I look like I'm carrying a boy (whatever that means). Now I am dying to know the sex! I still think I look the same as when I was pregnant with Cati but who knows?

Like I said earlier, I am looking forward to this break from school. I missed Cati so much and I missed having patience for Alex. I'm hoping that not having to worry about school will help me relax and enjoy life a little more. 

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Desi said...

Aw congrats on being done with school! You go girl! I'm starting in January... I'm so nervous!!!