Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Fun & Fit: April

Because I couldn't run most of the month due to my IT Band, I turned to pilates as my way of exercising. Pilates worked because it was free and I could do it from home every night! Have you heard of Cassey Ho of Blogilates? She has these videos on youtube and comes out with a workout schedule each month. I followed her workout schedule for the month of April and it really helped with flexibility and strengthening my legs. Now I am officially hooked!

I did, however, participate in one running event, the FICPA Money Run. I signed up for this run on a whim because I wanted to participate in an official race following the bombings in Boston. This 5K was the longest distance I had run since my half marathon at the beginning of March so it was a tough race to run. It didn't help that it was a scorcher that morning. What got me to the finish line was knowing that Cati and Elina would be waiting for me. Plus, I needed to finish in order to see Cati run her first 100-meter dash!

Cati was so excited about her run. She absolutely loves going to running events because there's always some kind of kid-friendly entertainment and Cati is not one to turn down free food. She did this run with her grandmother and it was so cute watching two of my favorite ladies running to the finish line.

As soon as the run was over Cati asked about the next race. I love that my love and passion for running has spread to her. Soon it will truly be a whole family affair!

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