Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Lifetime Miami Half Marathon Recap

Sunday, February 2nd marked the date of seventh half marathon and the anniversary of my first ever half marathon. This half, Lifetime Miami Half Marathon, was the same course of my first so I felt a sense of familiarity. Even so, I was so anxious right before the race. I was a jittery ball of energy that morning and I was just a tad bit nervous about hitting the 7.5 mile point of this race because that's where I mentally stumbled last year. Luckily, there were no stumbles and I can honestly say I enjoyed this race, especially the last three miles.

I went into the race with the mentality that I would run how I felt and not push myself. The first 2.5 miles of the race were very hard for me because I really, really, really had to pee. I couldn't think about anything other than peeing. It was so distracting for me and made it hard for me to really enjoy running along the water at sunrise. After I found the bathroom the race was infinitely better. I was listening to my music and found a great rhythm. I ended up getting my second best time of 2:15 and, once again, found myself thanking my legs for carrying me the distance.
What I liked:

  • The beginning of the course is great and takes you along the water and the cruise ships. 
  • My team had a tent so we were able to enjoy hanging out after the race. 
  • The medal was so cool and rotated along three different points. 
  • Expo was a lot of fun and it was a runner's paradise. I am proud to say that I only left with one pair of compression socks. 
  • Signage was good along the course. 
  • The last three miles are the best with all the people on the streets and the bands playing music. 
  • They handed out energy chews and fruit and had water and gatorade at every water station. 
  • The signs after the halfway point were hilarious. 
  • The race bib was gorgeous and very Miami Vice. 
  • Lots of photographers on the course. 
  • Plenty of water and food for the runners once they finished. 
  • Free beer. 

What I didn't like:

  • There were so many people! I had to skip a few of my intervals just to make it out of the crowd. 
  • There were some parts of the course that were narrow that resulted in a bit of bottlenecking. 
  • It didn't affect me, but some people got stuck at one of the bridges for 20 minutes. 
  • Again, it didn't affect me but they ran out of medals for the half marathoners. 
  • The last quarter mile of the race is the worst because of all the turns that make you feel like you will never reach the end. 
  • The line at the beer garden was long. 

Next race recap will be for Ragnar Relay Miami to Key West!

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