Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Michelob Ultra Miami Beach 13.1 Recap

It's test week! I can't wait for Saturday to be here so I can be done with this test. I feel like there is always something I am waiting for to pass so that I can back to "normal." I'm not sure what normal is because as soon as this test passes, I need to start focusing on getting the house organized and packed up so we can hopefully sell it quickly. I can't believe Chicago is less than four months away.

Before that, however, there is running to talk about. Running has officially become a part of my life; it is probably the only thing that I have consistently kept up with over the past few weeks of studying. I have half marathon #9 on March 2nd and this marathon also happens to be my favorite half marathon. I first participated in this race last year and loved everything about it: the company, the course, and the weather. The race did not disappoint this year.
 I ran this year's half with my running friend and it was 13.1 miles of talking, laughing, and enjoying the run. I've had a mantra the past few races of "my race, my pace" because my goal hasn't been to get a personal best, it's been to really enjoy the act of running and the sense of freedom running gives me. The course was beautiful as usual and you really can't beat the backdrop of cruise ships.

The only thing I didn't like about this race was the emotions it brought up for me about leaving Miami and all the amazing running friends I have made in Miami. This is my last half marathon in Miami, unless I fly down for one next year or we move back to the area so finishing this race was bittersweet. My goal is to run with all those great people as much as I can over the next four months.

What I liked:

  • The course: it takes you down Ocean Drive and two of the most beautiful and scenic bridges in Miami. 
  • Plenty of water and entertainment on the course. 
  • The company. 
  • Smaller race. 
  • Meeting other runners like Dr. Dribble and Instagram friends. 
  • Location of race (Miami Beach). 
  • Energy gummies passed out at mile 8. 

What I didn't like:

  • My last big Miami race. 
  • The medal was OK. I liked last year's medal with the rotating detail better. At least this one has a bottle opener, right?
Next Race Recap is March 9th's trail run (so much fun!). I think I need to find a race for March 22 and March 30th just so that I can say I raced every weekend in March. 

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lifebetweenthemiles said...

Good luck on your half marathon, I am VERY jealous of the warm weather...winter is still in full effect here in MA! I am dreaming of runs without thermal tights!!