Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Back when I used to live in Boston a friend recommended this dry shampoo hair product to me, Batiste. This friend swore by it and said it made hair maintenance so much easier as she didn't have to wash and blow dry her hair as often. At that time the dry shampoo came in a plastic bottle with a nose tip and you had to squeeze the bottle to get the powder out. For whatever reason, I could never figure out how to evenly spread the powder in my hair so I gave up on the product and eventually threw the bottle away.

Fast forward to today and I am again trying Batiste, but this time the appearance and delivery are different. Instead of the powder being in a plastic bottle, it is now in a spray bottle. They have also expanded the line to include different scents and dry shampoos that add volume and color to your hair.
The dry shampoo that I have been using is their "fruity & cheeky cherry" and I have been loving it. As someone who sweats on a daily basis and likes to keep her hair as low maintenance as possible, this dry shampoo has worked wonders in turning my damp and sweaty hair into dry hair that actually feels and looks healthier than my hair normally does after a wash. Since I started using Batiste I have been able to push back washing my hair from every day/other day to every three days. That may not seem like much, but to someone who doesn't like to spend more than two minutes a day on her hair, it's a big deal. The best part has really been the change from a plastic bottle to a spray bottle because application is quick and easy. The cherry smell is also great and I even got complimented on the smell. 
Sprays on white but disappears after brushing.
The only downside for me is finding it in store and not having to order it online. Either way, this is a product I will continue to use. If I found it years ago in Boston and then again now, I'm sure I won't have any trouble finding it again soon.
Nice hair, happy face.
Note: Batiste Hair sent me a free sample as a Girls Gone Sport Ambassador, but all the opinions in this review are my own.

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Mary Beth Jackson said...

I love dry shampoo! For us girls on the run it does make a hue difference! I haven't seen that brand before- maybe Birchbox carries it?