Monday, June 22, 2009

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A Housing Update

Things are finally moving along with our house. It's our home and all our stuff is there, yet we aren't living there. It's the oddest feeling own a house and be spending money on it but to not be living in it and enjoying it. We are literally bleeding money and the house consumes most of our free time. Actually, it consumes Alex's free time since most of what's going on in the house can't be done by me. I'm just there to smile when he gets frustrated. We saw progress for the first time weekend. The walls are getting patched up, the bathroom is usable, and our front yard has been completely transformed. It went from being a dirt covered jungle to tropical lushness. I'm still holding on to my hopes of living in the house by July 1st.


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Jen said...

looking good!!!! you'll be in there before you know it :)