Monday, June 22, 2009

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Things I'll Miss: Cheap Breakfasts

One thing I loved about Boston was the ability to get a cheap breakfast. There were places where you'd pay $7 for breakfast and get enough food to keep you covered for 2 days. The closest thing to a cheap breakfast here in Miami is Denny's or driving 45 minutes to the closest Cracker Barrel. While in Boston, I was always a fan of Mike's Diner. We went every time we got a chance and every time we were craving a good, hearty breakfast. I wrote about Mike's on here (here and here) and one of the beautiful things about having a blog is that other locals read it and recommend places to you. One such reader was Michelle (Hi Michelle!) and she told me about McKenna's and how it wouldn't be right for me to leave Boston without going to McKenna's. I set a date and went with Alex and my friend Edgar and boy was it good. We went during the week so there was no wait and I was in awe of how good the breakfast was. I am so glad Michelle emailed me about McKenna's because, if not, I would have definitely missed out. This place was soo good and it had the best hash I have ever had in my life; so salty and crispy.
When I do breakfast I do it big and Alex is always amazed at how much I can eat. I ordered the McKenna's Special, which is eggs, hash, home fries, toast, and bacon, and a side of pancakes. I ate about 95% of this. The breakfast had such a fresh, homey taste, kind of like the breakfast you'd expect to have at home on a Saturday morning.
Alex ordered the waffles. The man cannot resist waffles and he adored how big and crunch these waffles were. Over breakfast he discussed how waffles are the perfect breakfast item and how they were created to ensure syrup coverage perfection because each cavity only holds a certain amount of syrup.
It was great to be able to celebrate our last breakfast in Boston and it was even better that I got to enjoy such a great breakfast with one of my Boston favorites. are the best and one of the reasons why I will cherish my Boston experience all the more. Thanks for being a great friend and laughing at me as I tried to understand Boston living and city names like Haverhill and Alewife.


Eliana said...

Breakfast is such a joy. My absolute favorite meal of the day.

Edgar P. said...

Steph, you're so sweet! Thanks for the nice words.....what a nice surprise. You're definitely missed and always welcome back if the cravings get strong enough!!lol