Monday, September 26, 2011

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Gravida 2

I wear many hats. I fill many roles: woman, wife, mother, sister, and friend to name a few. You can now add the following to the list of things I am and do: Gravida 2 or woman pregnant with #2.
18 w blog
It's been such an exciting time and we are so excited about the chaos that awaits us. There is plenty about my experience that I want to share but that will definitely be a long post so I'm saving that for later.

As for how far along I am and the due date, you'll have to forgive me for being a little vague at the moment. The one person capable of causing me the most emotional harm knows about the pregnancy and I don't want her knowing anymore than she already does. How she knows is a mystery but all things point to a big HIPPA violation (that or her evil manipulative, conniving ways).

Either way, Baby D is due to arrive early next year and I'm already sporting a tiny baby bump. As for the sex, I don't know yet! I have an inkling of what's baking, but no confirmation.

So now you know the real reason for the slowness around here. Morning sickness was killer and exhaustion is the name of the game these days. Life's going to get busier in no time and we are so thrilled with the growth of our little family.

I'd also like to give special shout out to Kelly's blog, How Hard Can This Be? for inspiring and leaving me in awe over the past few months. Kelly has always been a beautiful writer, but her writing has been especially emotionally raw since she welcomed her son a few months ago. She makes me look forward to this next chapter in my motherhood and life journey.


A/K said...

I just "squeee'd" out loud! SO excited for you, Stephanie!! It's an amazing, crazy, wonderful wonderful wonderful ride.

(And thanks for the shout out! I've been feeling like the ol' blog has been a tad neglected since little man came along. This was a much-needed boost. :-) )

*Jen* said...


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness SO SO SO exciting!!! Congratulations!!! I had a feeling something was going on over there, i have been miss your posts. You will have to email me or facebook message me with details. I am so happy for you :-)

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting, congratulations!! Hope you are feeling good. :)

Delia said...

Congrats! Sorry you're having issue with someone - stuff like that makes it hard to be as excited as you should be. Hope it all works out.

I Sing In The Kitchen said...

Congratulations Stephanie! I am so happy for you. Leave it to you to add even more to your busy life!

Eliana said...

Congratulations to you, Alex and Cati!