Sunday, September 4, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

It's been such an interesting week around here. We're still getting in the swing of me being back in school and it's an interesting balancing act for us all. Wednesday was an especially hard day. Cati woke up and refused to let go of her lovey and she spent the entire day dragging it around with her. She must have sensed that it was a school day. The babysitter arrived a little early that day and Cati cried the entire time there was overlap between her and me. I tried to hold her before leaving but I just made things worse. She held onto me like her life depended on it and cried like I've never seen her cry before. Once again, I left the house in tears and once again, my tears outlasted hers. Thursday she cried when I left but I didn't cry (score a point for me!) and the biggest surprise of the night was her not wanting to go with Alex when he got home. She was having too much fun with the babysitter and didn't want daddy to say, "time's up kiddo, you need to get to bed!" It made Alex feel like crap but it made me feel good because it means she's bonding just fine with the babysitter. This upcoming week will be full of tears because we'll be adding Cati's school to the mix but I'm hoping we all survive.

Here are the other fun developments this week.

Music Obsessed. Cati has always loved music but her love has become so evident over the last few weeks. She constantly asks for music and she does this by clicking her tongue and moving her fists in the air. She actually started doing this two weeks ago and I forgot to write about it, but it's the funniest and cutest thing she does. Her favorite type of music is 80s pop and, let me tell you, she gets down. I don't know where she gets the moves from and I'm kind of jealous of how good she looks when she dances.

It's a Tooth! Finally! A tooth finally broke through. Cati is such a slow teether and will literally spend weeks with her gums swollen before the tooth finally breaks. It amazes me how long it takes for the tooth to finally come all the way out.

Road Trip Improvement. We took a little trip this weekend to West Palm Beach and Cati did great. She normally starts getting fussy after about 15 minutes in the car but with lots of snacks, toys, an hour nap on the way back, and a great friend keeping her entertained we managed the hour drive to West Palm Beach and the 2.5 hour drive back (so. much. traffic). I was so impressed with Cati and how well she behaved.

Naps, Revised. Kids are always switching things up on us, huh? Cati is at the point where she can and prefers to be up for a really long time before she takes a nap. Whereas, I used to put her down for a nap at 12:30pm (after waking up around 7:30am) she now prefers to nap closer to 2pm. If I try to get her to nap at 12:30pm, she'll toss and turn and cry until I get her out. I don't know how she has all the energy, but it's impressive to think of her being up for that long of a stretch.

This has been a trying week for other reasons so I'm happy to see it done and over with. With so much drama, disappointment, and sadness in the world I am thankful for the pocketful of happiness I have in Cati. I love my little girl so much and I truly hope I can be the mother to her that I felt I never had growing up.

PS sorry there are no pictures this week! 

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