Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Five Years

Last weekend we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. I'm left in awe of all that we have done in five years. We went from being happy newlyweds to even happier parents. In our five years together we have moved from Boston to Miami, bought a house, started residency and school, and welcomed two beautiful girls and two rambunctious dogs into our family. We have grown together and been able to fall in love with the people we have become as parents. I feel so lucky to have fallen in love with Alex in the first place that falling in love with the father he has become seems like something straight out of a fairy tale.
To celebrate our anniversary we went out to Serendipity 3 on Lincoln Road. We left the girls at home with the grandparents, I had a Cake Martini, we ate burgers, and shared a frozen hot chocolate. It doesn't get better than that.
I look forward to many more years of falling in love over and over again. I couldn't imagine sharing this life with anyone else.


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Desi said...

I'm late I know but happy belated anniversary! You guys are the cutest! You look so beautiful in your wedding photo... hadn't seen that one before. You guys have done a lot in those 5 years. To many more to come!