Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Elina: Five Months

Dear Elina,

Today you are five months old. The older you get the more shocking it is that you are getting older. You will always be the baby because you are the youngest but it’s so strange to see how each day brings us closer to the end of this baby stage. This month saw the continuation of you being your sweet, content self. You still only cry when you are hungry or tired. I’m pumping five times a day and you are eating 5-oz bottles five times a day. You have gotten stronger physically and you love tummy time. It amazes me how you prefer being on your stomach as opposed to any other position.

This past month you started getting into plank, triangle, and airplane positions so I know crawling is around the corner. You are a smiley baby and you love to laugh. Nuzzling your chest and neck and munching on your toes will lead to fits of giggles. When you can reach your feet, you like to suck on your toes. Speaking of which, you still suck on your hand. Your hand is your comfort and whenever you are upset, frustrated, or tired you suck on your right hand and it calms you down right away. Even Cati knows about your love of your hand and when you start to cry she will say “Elinita chupa la mano!”

Your hand-eye coordination has gotten so much better over the past month and now you reach for anything that’s within reach. You’re able to lift things you couldn’t lift a month ago, like a rattle or small balls. You can sit in a tripod position for a few minutes and it’s so cute because you can actually see your neck that’s hidden behind those chubby cheeks. Your hair has grown in and, while it may not be a lot of hair compared to other babies, I’m still surprised by how much hair you have. It took Cati almost eight months for all her hair to grown in and you have a head covered in it at five months old.

You are still sleeping through the night and you have gotten more regular when it comes to when you nap. Your longest nap of the day is still the afternoon nap and your other two (sometimes one) naps are about an hour long. Three and a half hours is the longest you can stay awake for before getting cranky and, even still, your crankiness is quickly resolved by changing scenery.

You are my sweet, sweet baby. If I had to describe you in one word it would be “content.” You seem to simply enjoy being: being held, being played with, being looked at, and being cuddled. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough to keep you entertained because you are such a relaxed baby. I’ve said it so many times this month, but you really are a dream baby and it’s babies like you that make me see why people would want more kids. You complete our little family and I am so thankful that you were born to show us that no two children are alike and that there is enough room in our hearts to love someone who is completely different but equally special.

Happy five months old, Elina. Thank you for changing my life for the better on February 17, 2012. You’ve stolen our hearts with your sweet demeanor and gummy smiles. You and your sister make me laugh hysterically and smile lovingly. You are the balancing energy to your sister and you keep me rooted to the moment. I love and adore you little one and I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to mother you and show you love over the past five months of your life.



Alexandria said...

Happy 5 Months Elina! She looks so big in the picture and her legs so chunky and biteable!

Sarah said...

5 months already!? She is getting so big!!!!

Desi said...

Happy 5 months, Elina!