Monday, April 28, 2008

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My Tiny Kitchen

I do not lie when I say my kitchen is tiny. I actually measured it out; it's 5 feet wide by 93 inches long. That's roughly 39 square feet. Yikes. I just got sad seeing that number. My kitchen is the source of much misery. There is very little counter space and cabinet space. We had the genius idea of buying a kitchen cart which fit perfectly in our kitchen up until our fridge broke and the management company gave us a fridge that's about 6 inches bigger than our old fridge. So out went the kitchen cart and we were back to square one with the tiny kitchen. Alex and I cannot be in the kitchen at the same time and because of how small the kitchen is there have been multiple occasions of ingredients falling and me getting upset. Small living spaces are the hallmark of northern living and while I can handle (at times) a small bedroom and bathroom, I cannot stand a small kitchen. All my moments spent in the kitchen are filled with dreams of a bigger kitchen. I cannot wait for an upgrade. I try to convince Alex that an upgrade to a bigger apartment would be better for my stress levels but then the price tag of a bigger apartments sets his stress levels soaring. Since my main goal of living in Boston is to not stress Alex out I'll suck it up, but the man better not give me any trouble in fulfilling my kitchen dreams later on. And just in case your curious, here's the demon of my household (yes that is the entire kitchen):

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