Monday, April 7, 2008

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Birthday, Part 2

You might be asking yourself where Part 1 is and it's here. Thank you again Christina for making some of my baking dreams come true with the star shaped goodies. I've always heard of reaching for the stars, but I'll be taking it a step forward and eating them! (You see? I am very corny).

I feel very lucky this year. My birthday was a day of reflecting on this whole business of being a year older. What does it all mean? Does it even feel any different? I don't mean to downplay it, but the main thing my birthday means is that I am one year closer to having all things I want (being done with school, having a family, owning a house, etc). In other words, I'm closer to actually feeling like a grown up. It also means that I am this much closer to not having to use an ID anymore to get liquor and, unfortunately, it means that I feel really old when I see all the newly bound college kids in Boston.

I don't like making a big deal about things concerning me, like my birthday. I actually kind of act like it's just another day. I'd rather make a big deal about other people's birthdays, that brings me more joy and happiness. Well, my wonderful friend Alex (aka Girl Alex) had other plans. I think I gave her a scare too because I had sent her an email really early on Friday telling her about my experience trying to help a drunk girl get into her apartment. She was sending the flowers to my job (aka Hell) and was afraid I wouldn't be going in after my email. But I went in and I am so glad I did. I honestly thought the box from Pro Flowers was for someone else. Even reading my name on the box didn't make me believe it. I have never gotten flowers at work. Her note to me was perfect because it reminded me of two wonderful things: my wedding and her wedding. This is my first birthday as a married woman and I am the Matron of Honor in her wedding later this year. The flowers are the most beautiful pink, yellow, and orange tulips. Thank you for making my day Alex; you really made me feel loved.

Edgar (aka Boss Who Did the Booty Shake with Me at My Wedding) tried to be sneaky with me. On Friday he asked me what time I planned on waking up on Saturday. I told him that I would be sleeping in, so I'd probably wake up around 10am (I'm lame). He tried to reassure me that he wouldn't be stopping by my apartment on Saturday. Edgar, if you are reading this, you are a bad liar. I had a feeling you'd be passing by. Edgar dropped by the house when we'd normally still be home, but since we had gotten up early to run errands we were already out for our weekly walk down Newbury Street. Edgar had to meet up with us on Newbury Street and he gave me the most delectable looking sweets from Sugar Bakery and a Martha Stewart Cookbook. Thank you Edgar for trying to surprise me...did you forget that I hate surprises?!

Another special shout out goes to my aunt Esther (aka Coolest Aunt in the Universe with the Most Gorgeous Baby). Esther has always been the one person I could connect to in the interestingly screwed up family we have. I grew up admiring the woman. She was the first person in our family that I knew that went to college. I think back fondly of when I was younger and she would let me dress up in her clothes and she would record my sister and I as we pretended to give the news. She was our photographer and we were her models. If it wasn't for her, there probably wouldn't exist some incredibly embarrassing pictures and footage of me. This year she did the best thing for my birthday; she gave me a gift card to Target. Her "when in doubt"gift card will be the source of countless hours of fun as I use my cupcake and cake decorating kits from Wilton. Thank you Esther for being an inspiration and for making my birthday special.

My mom, brother, and Alex's family made my day extra special with their melodious renditions of the birthday song. If I could record you guys singing and listen to it on demand I think life would be all the more better.

Nadine, thanks for playing phone tag with me! Thanks to all my friends for remembering. Thank you to Perla, my wonderful dog who decided to leave me the gift of pee on the bed on my birthday. Without you, there would be no need to do as much laundry as we do.
The "Pissinator" still gets treats. She's lucky she's cute.

And lastly, my husband. The man must know he has my heart in his hand. He wrote me the most beautifully touching letter. My heart swelled as I read it and I was left in tears when I finished it. His words mesmerize me. Alex in your letter you said that you were the one who received a present each year on my birthday, but the reality is that you are my present and the best one a girl could ever get. Thank you for making getting older something to look forward to and thank you for loving me.

Thanks for letting me share and reading through this post :)

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