Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Brasserie Jo is COOL!

I was looking through my posts and noticed that I had two comments for this post and I absolutely must share it because it's amazing and hopefully it will get some of you to go check Brasserie Jo out. And hey...if you need or want company, I'm your girl! I just need 20 minutes to walk my bum over.

Thank you to whoever posted the comments. If you see a short girl with long hair with an incredibly handsome man, make sure to say hi to us :)

Now for the goods....

Top 10 Reasons for Visiting Brasserie JO in May?

1.Sundays: Brunch for $19.98 per person and a complimentary cupcake station.
2.Mondays: Chef station with complimentary crepes made to order

3.Tuesdays: a selection of 10 desserts for $1.00 each

4.Wednesdays: Complimentary cheese course

5.Thursdays: $1.00 bar menu and $10.00 entrees

6.Select wine list of 10 wines from 1998 to celebrate the year of our opening

7. Friday and Saturdays: special regional pairing menus with wine for $19.98 per person

8. Wear a beret anytime throughout the month and receive a free gift card

9.All martinis are 10 ounces and $10.00 throughout the month of May
(did someone say martini?!?)
10.Enter to win a 3 night stay in Paris – no purchase necessary

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