Sunday, August 17, 2008

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Obsession of the Week

This week was orientation week for school. I can't believe I start school again. Orientation was great and very helpful, but it left me more scared than I ever thought I could be. I felt like I was starting middle school again and it didn't help that I was told on multiple occasions that law school was very similar to middle school and high school. The first day of middle school was obviously one of the most traumatic days of my life because I can still vividly remember that day. My amazing aunt, Esther, dropped me off and I wore a dress. I spent the day lost and confused and searching for kind faces. I figure that tomorrow will be similar. I won't be going in a dress (the days of dressing up are long gone), but I will have a book bag on that's so big that it looks like I'm going to tip over. Tomorrow will definitely be better than that first day of middle school was because I will be going to my first day of classes with my brand new MacBook. I had to upgrade from my PowerBook G4 because it was too old (I bought it in 2003) and it wouldn't have been able to meet my needs as I start on this new scholastic adventure. I was incredibly sad because that laptop was practically an appendage for 5+ years and was in excellent condition. But at least now I will be technologically up to date according to my school's standards and Alex gets to make the transition from PC to Macs since he has inherited my old PowerBook. The MacBook has made me love Macs more and I think everyone should go and buy a new Mac and discover its greatness :)



BMK said...

Good Luck! I still remember my first day of law school and how much things had changed by second and third year. Its a wild ride but well worth it!

Barbara said...

Very best wishes on law school. Love your new Mac! I just upgraded from an ancient G3 Powerbook to a merely old G4 Powerbook. Go Macs!