Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Restaurant Week Treat

For restaurant week we went to The Palm. We had been wanting to go to The Palm for a while because their menu looks great and we pass by the restaurant every week as we walk through Copley. But we never went because of the price-seafood dishes are in the $30s and steak dishes are $40 and upward. When you are two students with negative income (loans) you can't have the luxury of eating at pricey restaurants. So when we saw that The Palm was participating in Restaurant Week we figured this was our chance to see if they were worth the price tag. Overall the food was delicious and our only complaint was the presentation of the food. I don't know if it was because the restaurant was very busy with Restaurant Week diners, but the presentation wasn't anything that made you say, "wow that's nice." The effort was lacking in going that extra step and it was just a tad bit disappointing.

The dinner started with an assortment of breads. They gave us a regular white bread and a cranberry bread that was wonderful.

For the appetizer I had a caesar salad. It was a good salad and just what you would expect out of a good salad: crispy lettuce, even coverage of dressing, and crunchy croutons.

Alex ordered the lobster bisque. The soup did not taste too fishy, which was great because Alex doesn't like seafood. Go figure...he'd rather have something from the sea than a green, leafy vegetable.

Being the steak lover that he is, Alex ordered the twin filets with lobster mashed potatoes (I ate the lobster chunks. Yum!). The steak was tender and juicy and tasted great with the sauce and fried onion (see below). The mashed potatoes were were light, airy, and buttery.

Being the seafood lover that I am, I ordered the sole. The fish was fantastic. It was incredibly soft and melted in my mouth. The best part about this dish was that it was stuffed with a heaping serving of crab meat. The crab meat and the sole were such a perfect pairing because the delicate taste of the fish was accentuated by the stronger taste of the crab meat.

The side dish was family style and definitely enough to feed the two of us. It was thin slices of fried onion and crispy slices of potato. The fried onions were perfect; very crispy on the outside and soft, sweet onion on the inside. The potatoes were great as well because of how natural and grease-free they tasted.

We both ordered the chocolate cake for dessert. The cake was a faux molten cake because it was a mini bundt cake filled with a very rich chocolate fudge. We found the cake to be tasty, moist, and just plain choclate-y (great description, huh?).

The restaurant itself is a funny who's who as you try to figure out who all the faces are on the walls. I actually thought that the faces on the wall were a great way to eliminate the stuffiness you sometimes feel when at steakhouse.

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