Monday, October 27, 2008

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Bangkok Dining

A few weeks ago Alex and I went to Bangkok City. We have known about this restaurant for about as long as we have lived in Boston but have never gone. Whenever we get in the mood for Chinese/Thai food we usually just head out to China Sky in Wellesley. Since there was a Red Sox game on this particular weekend, we decided to stay local and go to Bangkok City. The restaurant itself has such a retro, lounge feel with its deep blue walls and wooden decore. The service is quick and the food is great.

We started off the dinner with spring rolls. I was never a fan of spring rolls because the vegetable quotient was high but Alex got me hooked on these things. They were crisp, crunchy, and packed with veggies. The rolls came with a tangy sauce that went perfectly with the heat of the rolls.

We also ordered chicken tempura. While this appetizer was good, there was no chicken! It was mostly broccoli and mushrooms and I am not a fan of either of those vegetables. The batter was thick and it swallowed up some of the veggies and chicken.

For the entrees we shared fried rice and spicy chicken. The fried rice was great. It was actually a little more than great, it was awesome. It had a hint of sweetness that made the fried rice something more than just rice and soy sauce.

The chicken was also great. It was tender and covered in a spicy sauce that tasted like it was made from sweet bell and chili peppers.

For dessert we shared fried ice cream. The best way to describe how this dessert tasted like was imagining a Krispy Kreme donut stuffed with vanilla ice cream. So good but oh so bad for you!

Bangkok City
is reasonably priced and incredibly delicious. Go check them out!

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