Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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TWD: Pumpkin Muffins

I will admit that I was afraid of trying this recipe. My history with pumpkin isn't exactly the greatest. I don't like pumpkin pie unless it comes with a gallon of whipped cream and I wasn't a fan of pumpkin ravioli the one time I had it years ago. I do, however, like pumpkin seeds and these pumpkin bars my friend Edgar makes. So when I saw that Kelly of Sounding My Barbaric Gulp picked this recipe I had mixed feelings. I didn't want to try it because I thought I wouldn't like it but I wanted to try to prove to myself that I could like it despite our rocky history. I am so glad I made the recipe because the muffins were delicious. I can't even say that I knew they would be delicious from the batter because I found the batter thick and slimy. I didn't even taste them when they came out of the oven because it was too late to eat again. So I waited until this morning to taste them and wow. I actually like them! I think they tasted so good to me because I didn't expect them to taste good at all. I thought they would have an overwhelming pumpkin taste but they didn't. Instead, they had the taste of all the delicious spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice). This recipe has made me more open to trying pumpkin recipes, which is great since it is a fall staple.

Make sure to go to Kelly's blog for the recipe and to TWD to see what everyone else thought about this recipe.

Getting ready.


Ballerina Muffin :)



Lori said...

LOVE your ballerina muffin, and so glad you liked them more than you expected to!

HoneyB said...

I'm glad you tried it and liked it! :)

Engineer Baker said...

What an adorable ballerina muffin :) I'm glad you liked them, pumpkin and all.

Jacque said...

MmMm, they look adorable with the sugar on top. Glad you finally found a pumpkin you like :)

Barbara said...

Love the sugar sprinkle on top! Glad you liked them!