Monday, October 27, 2008

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I have heard so many good things about Montien. Countless people have recommended this restaurant to either Alex or myself. You would think that with both of us going to school downtown we would have explored downtown eating more, but we haven't. So I took the initiative and told Alex that we would be eating at Montien and we did! The food was great and the price was even better. The restaurant was a little older looking than I had expected, but I think I built up the restaurant in my mind based on everything I had heard about Montien from others. Maybe I was expecting a flashy restaurant that lived up to the hype? Whatever it was, the restaurant wasn't what I expected. It was red walls and brown furniture with paper place mats, plastic covered menus, and a fully stocked bar.

Despite the atmosphere not being what I expected, the food was more than I expected. I was afraid the food wouldn't be as good, especially since the restaurant had been built up so much in my mind. But it was good food! We started off with spring rolls that came out quicker than we could say "feed me!" The rolls were crunchy and stuffed with veggies. Spring rolls get better each time I have them and these were even better because of the sweet and sour sauce. This sauce was thick and spicy and had red pepper flakes in it that gave it its kick.

Alex ordered the Chicken Chop Chop. This is definitely the most perfect dish for clearing up the sinuses. It is so spicy that you feel like you are melting. The chicken is ground up and served in a hot basil sauce. At first the heat doesn't hit you; all you taste is the sweetness of the basil. Then your taste buds get knocked upside down and you are begging for more water. The heat is so worth it!

I ordered Thai Fried Rice and I ate the WHOLE thing by myself. Thai fried rice is my absolute favorite type of fried rice. To me, Thai fried rice has the perfect combination of salt and sugar.

I don't know what took us to long to go to Montien, but I am glad we finally did. It was great food at a great price.

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