Monday, May 18, 2009

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Bostone Pizza

Alex and I headed over to Bostone recently. Bostone is a pizza joint located on Newbury Street that specializes in deep dish Sicilian Pizza. We have passed by it a million times, but have never gone in for one reason or another. I had a close encounter with their pizza at a school function and I say close encounter because I was very close to trying their pizza until I noticed it was all-veggies. I am a cheese pizza type of person and I knew I would be eating nothing but crust after I took off all the vegetables.

This time, however, I could eat the type of pizza I actually wanted. And guess what I did. Go ahead, guess. I ordered buffalo wings. I still haven't tried their pizza and probably won't. Alex tried their sausage pizza and gave it a thumbs up because the slices were huge, hefty, and full of sausage.
The wings were good but I've had better. These wings were baked and then topped with a buffalo sauce. I prefer my wings fried with a coating that sucks up the sauce. And I like my wings spicy. Bostone's wings were good but not my ideal for buffalo wings.
Bostone is a small restaurant with great location on Newbury Street and it is worth checking out for their pizza selection.


Eliana said...

Thanks for the tidbit. I always appreciate them.

Elyse said...

That pizza looks darn good. I'm with you on the wings. I like them deep fried and coated in the buffalo sauce--the way that Anchor Bar makes 'em. It's just not the same otherwise. When's the big move?!