Sunday, January 24, 2010

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Reviewed: Sea Siam

Not too long ago I posted a rant about Miami dining and not having any go-to places down here. I still don't feel like I have any go-to places for a lot of different cuisines but then it dawned on me that maybe I was confusing go-to places with favorite places. There is this one restaurant we always go to for Thai food and, in fact, it's the only restaurant we have repeatedly introduced others to. We like the restaurant because the food is always good, the price is right, and the service is always great. So why is it that this restaurant slips my mind when I try to list out my go-to places? Maybe it's because I consider it too far from my house (about a 20-25 min drive) when I was so used to my go-to restaurants in Boston being a walk away? Is that part of the transition to Miami life I haven't gotten to?

Every time we go to Sea Siam we order the exact same thing. We start off with crunchy spring rolls that make us feel healthy because we are eating vegetables despite the rolls being fried. Then we order chicken fried rice that is always perfectly soy-sauced with the right ratio of chicken chunks to vegetable chunks. My favorite thing about this fried rice is that it has a hint of sweetness to it that you don't get with other fried rices.
The volcano (extra hot please) chicken is a must. You can't go to Sea Siam and not have this dish. The chicken is crispy and topped with a sweet and spicy pepper sauce. The sauce is so good you can't resist pouring it all over your fried rice. This dish is what best represents Thai food for me; it's a dish that starts off with one flavor and then ends in another but the flavors flow smoothly into one another. It's like a rainbow where the colors transition beautifully and seamlessly into one another.
For dessert you can never go wrong with Thai donuts. Fried dough dipped in condensed milk is the perfect end to any Thai meal.
Sea Siam is located at 12735 South Dixie Highway. I definitely recommend going and if you ever need someone to go with, I'm your girl!

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