Friday, January 22, 2010

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Reviewed: Wing Stop

Have you ever seen a place advertised for on the TV and wondered where it was? That happens to me all the time with Sonic. I see commercials for it almost every time I watch TV and yet I don't know of a location anywhere in Miami. Wing Stop was like a Sonic for me. I had seen commercials for it but never knew where one was located. We stumbled upon one and decided to check them out. I'm always open to having wings, especially hot ones, so I was curious about how this place stood in comparison to all the other wings we've had. First, I must say that I was so entertained by the decor of Wing Stop; it kind of reminded me of the show Wings. Do you remember that show?
They offer wings in all kinds of flavors, from spicy to sweet to cajun. But I am purist when it comes to my wings and I like them hot and spicy. We shared a platter of wings and fries because the wings don't come cheap at Wing Stop. In fact, you pay nearly twice the price of bone-in wings for half the amount of boneless wings. The wings were good; crispy and saucy. Our biggest complaint was the size of the wings and this lead to a conversation about how a person should be able to buy wings individually at a set price, say $.50 per wing.
The fries were great. I love fries that taste fresh and are chunky. These fries tasted like real potatoes and were served with their own twist of cajun spices. What lacked in the serving size of wings was made up for in the serving size of fries. But are fries enough of a reason to go back?
While the food was good, I don't know if I will go back because of the price and size of the wings. I can't see myself going back to a wings place solely for the fries. Because Wing Stop has locations throughout the country, I'd like to know if you've been and what your experience was like.

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Yvonne said...

I talked my office intoordering bonesless wings from the ledbetter street wing stop in dallas texas. The music was so loud I could not hear myself talk to the clerk. There were bars on the windows and bullet proof glass. The amount of food from 10 orders of boneless wings did not eual a small chicken. Even at 50 cents each, the price was too much becasue the wings were smaller than chicken nuggets. Next time we will get a roasted chicken for $4.00 each and save money and get a hot product. The sauce separated and was not good at all. coomplaints went unheeded. Perhasps gthe cowboys should know abou ]t it since they are the official wongs of Jerry.