Sunday, June 19, 2011

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Happy Father's Day

I hope today was spent celebrating the good fathers and loving dads. Despite some rocky times, I have been fortunate enough to have three men in my life to celebrate as fathers. The relationship with my dad is a work in progress but it gets better each day because there's a lot of making up for lost time. The relationship with my father-in-law is also wonderful and I am so happy that he is the father Alex grew up with because I know Alex will be an amazing father because of him. And Alex. I always talk about how Cati has given me the gift of motherhood, well, she did the same for Alex. I carried and birthed his child but she is the one that give him the ultimate role of father. She knows him as her dad. She knows his car. She runs to the front door when I say, "Dada esta aqui!" and she looks for him in the morning. There is no doubt he is her father and the joy he gets in being with her is so transparent it makes my heart swell.

Seeing these men as fathers is amazing. They are so different yet so loving. What really gets me is seeing them with my daughter. She has no shortage of love and strong father figures in her life. Hopefully she realizes how lucky she is one day.

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