Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

This is really late. I try to have this post up by Monday, at the latest and here we are on Tuesday. Last week was a busy week. Most weeks are busy with a toddler but last week Alex's uncle passed so that passed a dark shadow over the family. Because of that and the general feeling of falling behind in life, all I can remember from last week was that Cati learned how to say "yuck" and that she finger painted for the first time. I feel horrible for not remembering more, but my brain is feeling just a little fried and right now my wish is that someone else would worry about feeding Cati just one meal.
I hope I'm more on top of things this week because I hate feeling like I'm missing out on something in Cati's growth and development.

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Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Sorry for the loss in your family :( Please don't stress too much over not being up on each & every detail over the past week, it happens!! My DD is 4.5 now and honestly I couldn't tell you how old she was when she got her first tooth, or crawled for the first time. All things that I knew and bragged about when they happened but these kids, they grow so fast & change so much that sometimes is hard to keep up with the finer details :) rest assured that she'll think you're an awesome Mommy anyway!