Monday, June 13, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

What an exciting week this past week has been. So many fun developments. It didn't take Cati much to get used to being back home and getting back on her normal schedule. The only area of difficulty was with mealtime because Cati has boycotted her pureed vegetables, chicken, and beef. It got really frustrating because I didn't know what to feed her and I really wanted to make sure she had at least one good meal a day. I was also bummed about her reaction to the pureed vegetables because the freezer has quite a bit of frozen purees and I didn't want them to go to waste. Luckily, toward the end of the week she got better at eating her vegetables and started eating chicken nuggets, but I've already decided that once the batch of frozen veggies is all used up, that's the end of her puree days. Cati is really good about eating vegetable chunks so hopefully the transition to that is smooth.

Hitting Update. The touching and positive reinforcement of "good" touching seems to be paying off. Cati still hits me when really frustrated but she follows up the hit with a kiss where she hit me. I don't like that she hits me, but at least I know that she understands hitting isn't good behavior.

Knee Walker. Cati walks on her knees! It's the funniest thing she does.

Talking Explosion. I don't know what got into my little girl, but she has picked up quite a few words this past week. Maybe that's why she was struggling with eating, because her development was concentrated on language acquisition? Anyway, Cati learned how to say "wow," "uh oh," (my favorite!), "vroom" for car, and "ball."
Tantrum Whisperer. Tantruming has taken on a new characteristic. When Cati starts to tantrum she blows repeatedly. It's like the little bubbles you see in water just before it starts boiling.

Yes! Cati has learned how to nod yes! Before when she meant yes, she would shake her head while smiling. Now, if she means yes, you get a nod. It makes asking her questions a million times more enjoyable.

Imagination Expansion. I saw the beginning of the next level of play. Normally Cati will get her stuffed animals and kiss them or give them to me to kiss. Well, this past week she got two stuffed animals and had them kiss each other! Soon they'll be talking to each other.
Minus the difficulties with feeding, which again I ask, why didn't anyone warn me food and feeding would be such huge issues in parenting? this week has been a great week. I love my little girl more than anything. She truly is a blessing.

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