Sunday, July 10, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

What a Sunday. I am exhausted and Cati has been running a fever all day long. Other than being a tad more affectionate, she is acting normal. No one is sick so I have no clue if her fever is something viral or if it's a result of something like teething. Hopefully a good night of sleep is all she needs and she'll wake up tomorrow feeling as happy as can be.

Here are the fun developments from this week:

Little Slugger: Cati gets throwing a ball. The balls don't go far, but she knows what to do know when you ask her to throw you the ball.

Swim Class, Finished: Cati had her last swim lesson this week. I don't think she really got much from the classes other than feeling more comfortable in the water, but it was still fun and something new to do. On the last day of class she finally understood that she needed to close her mouth when she went underwater so I consider the classes a success.

New Perla: I took Perla to get a haircut on Monday and Cati has been attached to her ever since. You would think we got a new dog with the way Cati acts around Perla. Cati will literally cry and throw a fit if Perla is in a different room from us.

Little Slugger, Part Two: This hurts my mommy heart so much. We went to music class on Saturday and normally Cati would kind of hang back from all the other kids, but this class she really asserted herself: by hitting. She hit two boys and went after one repeatedly. I was mortified and kept trying to correct her behavior. I know this is a stage and I just need to keep telling and showing her what is appropriate touching behavior, but I hate that she acts out like this because it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. I got a pep talk from my mother-in-law and had a good cry so I'm hoping I can approach hitting more objectively in the future.

Another week come and gone. I can't believe it's almost the middle of July. Where does time go?

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