Sunday, March 18, 2012

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This Week in Mommyhood

I feel like I am hitting my stride with having two kids. There are still a lot of things I'm afraid to do, like going out for extended periods of time with both girls, but things are coming together. Granted, things with both girls got a lot better once I stopped trying to nurse Elina, but that's just a small technicality. Last Sunday I hit a wall and spent the day crying and feeling incredibly anxious. Nursing was getting overwhelming and I felt utterly alone. Then I went to a postpartum support group and started feeling better. Then we hit another wall with nursing and I decided change was in order. This is what motherhood is like: a day of ups followed by a day of downs followed by another day of ups.

Here are the other fun developments over the past two weeks: 

Naptime Success. My sister came over to watch Cati while I went out to the lactation consultant with Elina. It was around naptime but I didn't tell my sister what to do because I figured I would be home in time to put Cati down and I also figured Cati wouldn't go to sleep without me being home. Well, I never give her enough credit and she showed my sister exactly what to do from turning on the sound machine to making sure she had her water bottle, bunny, and book in the crib with her. I was so impressed.
Elina's Routine. Because I started pumping I've started keeping track of when and how much Elina eats. She seems to be getting herself on a schedule and eats six times a day. Luckily, the schedule she's on is perfect for putting Cati to sleep.

Cati's Playtime Fun. Cati loves to try to play with Elina. She doesn't quite understand that Elina can't play but it's fun to see Cati engage Elina in her games. My favorite game involved Cati's glasses.
First Family Outing. We had our first family outing and it was to a Dali art showing and then dinner at our new favorite Mexican place. It was nice getting out and having fun together.

Newborn Pictures. Elina had her newborn pictures last week and I cannot wait to see them all touched up and edited. The photographer came up with the cutest positions.
Elina is a month old and Cati is 25 months old. I have two daughters and I couldn't be happier. Here's hoping for many more days of ups.

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Desi said...

Oh my word! That has got to be the cutest photo ever!!! Love love love! Pinning :)