Monday, January 13, 2014

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Fun & Fit: December

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Considering I just took down all my Christmas decorations yesterday, I don't think it's too late to look back on December and what was achieved fitness-wise.

The month started off with The Challenge Mud Run. I actually forgot I even participated in this run and had to look at my calendar to remember. Parts of the run were great and parts of it were not so great. I did this race with Alex and a group of friends so that was great but I didn't like the winding paths. I love doing the longer runs, but I don't like zig-zagging the distance. I also don't like waiting a long time for obstacles, but that is something that happens at all these races. By the time we reached the final set of obstacles I was done. I was hot, my patience was running low, and I wanted my beer. This means that when I saw the long line for the rope-wall climbing obstacle, I threw a bit of a hissy fit and refused to do it. Maybe that's why there aren't any pictures of me at the event?!

The other event I did in December was a half marathon, Live Ultimate Half Marathon. I originally signed up for the quarter marathon, but my friend convinced me to upgrade to the half. The course took you through South Beach and was definitely a challenge with two miles or so of the course being running on the sand. What I loved about the run was the location and the people. What I didn't love was that there weren't enough volunteers on the course and we kept getting confused about where we had to run. I also didn't like that we had to wait in line for 20 minutes to grab a bag of granola after the race. This race taught me the importance of running with a friend and having someone to push you when your brain starts saying, "you can't do this."

Aside from that, I focused on getting better with yoga and participated in another yoga challenge. These are my two favorite shots from December:

How cute is Elina here?
This month I only have one race planned and that was this past weekend's Superhero Scramble. Other than that, my focus is on getting stronger with yoga and meeting my $3,000 fundraising goal!
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Love that last shot with your daughter!! It's adorable!